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Grab your pen!  I’m rolling up my sleeves to delve into that complicated world of studio marketing.

Most days, I’ll receive an email from a studio director asking me to review their advertising – something I’m always happy to do!  And usually, the structure of the ad is pretty sound.

They’ll have a compelling image.

They’ll have a headline.

Usually they have a call to action.

Why they’re asking for my help is they’re finding it tricky to come up with the wording.

Finding the words to describe your studio – and not in a generic way – can be bamboozling.

Words are everything in marketing.

It’s the story, the WORDS, that set you apart from all the other studios out there.  

Everyone pretty much offers the same style of lessons, yet every studio is unique – and we need your advertising to broadcast what makes your studio sensational to the world.

And when it comes to designing your ad to showcase that, I’ve found that images aren’t as powerful as words when it comes to highlighting your studio’s strengths.

You can have the prettiest ad in the world, but if the story doesn’t capture the imagination of the potential student – then they’ll be flipping the page quick smart.

Yes, images are important – they capture the reader’s attention AND THEN we need to reinforce that with a story that sells your studio for you.

So, I’m going to share with you a strategy I use with my clients to create a Go-To resource that gives them the words to write a compelling ad for their studio.

In this video, we’ll build a Vocab Bank to describe your studio AND show you how to incorporate that into your advertising.  

This video is super practical and something you can implement today.  So grab your paper and we’ll get started.


The Student Attraction System will step-by-step help you to create your studio’s marketing story that helps you to stand out from the pack, attract a lot more students and set up your marketing to run on autopilot.  If you’ve ever sat trying to write an ad for your studio and not known where to start – This is for you.

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