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This is a call where our lovely team will take your hand and guide you through the next phase of your studio expansion. Together, we develop a plan to inject more flexibility, success and delight into your life and studio.  

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Meet our Team of Community Coaches

Our Community Coaches Aman, Shantal, Lauren and Grace will take you through the paces of your Mini Studio Review. If you have any questions, want to know more about the program or want to find out if you’re a good fit for the program, book in here. Our team is amazing. You’ll love them.


I Made An Additional $150K

“Within 6 months of being in Studio Evolution, I stepped into being the CEO of my business. I completely re-did my entire studio model, creating my dream studio. I am projected to now make at least an additional $150K this year!”

– Bethany Smith, The Legacy Theatre

I Now Have A Life Outside Of My Business

“Studio Evolution is my tribe, my safe space, my place to go for new ideas and innovation, and where people will speak the truth in a spirit of encouragement not judgement. I now consistently have over 1000 students enrolled, up 5% on last year whilst reducing my work week by 8 hours. I now have a life outside of my business”.

– Kathy Morrison, Kathy’s Music


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