The ONLY 3 Things You Need To Grow Your Studio

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Have you ever fallen into the trap of chasing bright, shiny marketing strategies as the next source of students for your studio?


I’m talking Pinterest / Videos / Blogging / Instagram / FB ads / etc / etc /etc…


The challenge is that we have to devote lots of energy to starting and creating and maintaining all these different platforms of marketing without actually testing if they are working for you, if they’re really delivering students.


What really attracts new students to your studio?


So, in reality, there are so many ways for you to market your studio, but when we think about the fact that nearly 50 percent of most new students who come into your studio will come in via word of mouth, that’s a huge number.

That’s a really big deal.


So, what if we focused upon devoting your energy towards building that word of mouth enrollment in your studio?


That would be really powerful and transformative to grow your student numbers.

It’s quite a shift, as often we think we need to be actively marketing our studios and spending a lot of moolah to do so….

But some of my most successful studio’s have never really had to advertise – as they focused upon building programs that promoted themselves…


So here are the THREE [and ONLY three] things you need to grow your studio…


Number one, we want to be developing the EXPERIENCE, giving your kids the wow factor, something to go and talk about and make them spread those ripples of awareness in your community.

The second thing is we want to create EVENTS, giving your current students an opportunity to invite their friends into your studio.

And the third is ENTICEMENT, giving them some sort of incentive and compelling reason to join your studio when they come onboard.


These are the three tips to grow your studio, and I’ll tell you what….


You don’t need an Instagram account.

You don’t need fancy pants Pinterest boards.

You can do this all in your studio, and it’s the most powerful way to connect with people and grow your student numbers.


So, which of those three points kind of resonate with you that you’d like to upgrade in your studio?


Do you want to work on really creating an experience that people talk about?

Do you want to start hosting events in your studio to be able to attract students in the door?

Or do you want to come up with a really compelling, exciting enticement for them to sign up as students?


Whether it’s number one, two, or three, write your comments in the section below.


Marketing a studio can be very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep things simple and focus upon what you do best.


Love Chantelle xx

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