Top 3 Reasons Why a Parent Chooses a Studio

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It’s not what you’d think… It’s not your pricing, timetable or location. Yes, those factors are important in the decision making process – but they’re not the deciding factor.
Top 3 reasons why a parent will choose your studio:
1 – Do they sense you care about their child? Are you going nurture and develop their child?
2 – Does your studio give their child opportunities to grow? Do you have external performance opportunities?
3 – Who else having good experiences with your studio? How can they trust that their child is going to be looked after?

Here’s the transcription…

Hi, it’s Chantelle here from Studio Expansion, and thanks for joining us today as we talk about the top three reasons why a parent will choose a particular studio for their child. You know, a lot of studios get a bit hung up on whether it’s my pricing structure or it’s my timetabling, it’s my location. But these factors aren’t why a parent makes a decision as to where they send their child. It’s a little bit deeper than that, so let’s get into it now.

The top three reasons why a parent will choose a specific studio are based on the engagement factor. It’s how much you care. If you call up and you are really demonstrating that you are interested in the child itself, you are showing that you want to know about the needs of the child, the experience, the dreams, the aspirations; a parent is going to feel very comfortable in sending their child to you, because they can see clearly that you are going to nurture and cherish and encourage the child to grow and learn in a very positive environment.

And if you could communicate that way in your marketing and also in your personal relations when a parent calls, that’s going to give a lot more trust and help them make a decision where they feel that they’re confident and certain that they’re sending their child to the right place. That’s the number three reason.

The second reason that parents will decide on a studio is based upon the opportunities offered. Now, if you have a studio that allows children to go touring to Disneyland and perform at recitals and do competitions, or even just local things like performing at shopping centers or doing charity performances at nursing homes, opportunities for children to perform outside of a classroom are very attractive to parents because they allow the kid to get more life experiences, if you’ll say. So, it gives them a chance to develop their confidence on a larger platform, which is going to help them in all other facets of their life as well. So, that’s number two.

And the number one reason why a parent will choose a studio is based upon social proof. Now, social proof is critical. If a parent knows that another parent has had a good experience with your studio, it’s going to make them 10 times more inclined to trust you. And when a parent is looking for a studio, trust is the biggest thing. They want to know their kid is going to be looked after; that they’re not going to come home from classes crying, distraught and vulnerable.

The more you can encourage your studio t have word of mouth referrals and to boost the testimonials on your website, the more you’re going to enable parents to feel, this is a good decision. We could go with this one, as opposed to this other one. That’s really going to make a really big difference in encouraging more parents to join your studio.

So, these are the top three reasons. Number three is the engagement factor, that’s the care factor that you showed for the parent and the child. Number two, the opportunities you offer. And number one is the social proof, how you demonstrate that others have had success with us too. I really hope that these help you going forward and attracting more students to your studio. And so, thanks for joining us today. In the meantime, go out there and make a whole lot of difference in the lives of more children. Thanks.

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