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I have a love-hate relationship with to-do lists.

In one way, I can’t live without them. They keep me on track and focused.

But on the other hand, they are INCREDIBLY DEPRESSING.


That list never gets any shorter and I seem to be doing the same things all the time.

So I’ve come up with a way to eliminate some of the recurring items on my to-do list.

And it really works for me – and I have a feeling it could work for you in managing your studio…

Want to find out what it is? This video will reveal all…

Here’s the transcription!

Hi, it’s Chantelle from Studio Expansion, bringing passion, profits and purpose to your studio.

Remember when you started your studio, bright eyed with excitement for running your own business – no one telling you when or where to work or what you have to work on. You run your own show and that sense of freedom is exhilerating!

But, ahh, before long, you’re singing a different tune. The reality that it’s not all sleep ins and catch ups. Your days are long – and full and soon you find there is no time in the day.

When you’re in a job, you have a structure that helps you get done what you need to get done. When you’re running a studio, at the end of the day you think back and go – what did I actually achieve today? You’re jumping from task to task or crisis to crisis – without an organised way of ranking your priorities.

As I am committed to getting the most out of my day so that I have time to work AND to play, I’ve found the more structure I have, the better. This concept is the most powerful in terms of helping you get the important things done when they need to be done and not drag on for days….

It’s called batching. It’s where you bundle together all the similar tasks into one sitting. I know for me personally, it takes me a little while to get into a groove of a task and the more I’m able to concentrate on getting one thing done the better.

For example, how many times a day do you go into your email inbox? Do you have that little ding that goes off when you receive a new email? Please Get that turned – because it hijacks your attention and distracts you from other tasks. Here’s what I do: I give myself 30 min in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon to look at my emails.

You can batch anything – from scheduling your social media posts to returning enquiry phone calls to doing your invoicing. And when you batch lots of smaller tasks together, you’ll accomplish so much more and have give you more time to tackle the big projects – like revamping your marketing to attract more students! Or, just more time out of the office and with your family. That’s a pretty good result as well!

Thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you next week with more tips on how to grow your studio!

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