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Recently, I was asked on a webinar by someone about to join the Studio Expansion Program, “How do I know if you’re working with one of my competitors?”

Fair question.

My response was this:

 “To be honest, I don’t know if I’m working with one of your competitors.  But here at Studio Expansion, our whole philosophy of studio marketing  is based on finding out what makes YOUR studio unique.   It’s about knowing how to communicate what you do, in a way other than ‘Fun Friendly Lessons’.  It’s about knowing what you’re passionate about giving your students, articulating it in a way that’s irresistible to potential students, then making a plan to broadcast that to the world.  I don’t go in for gimmicky marketing tricks and tactics.  You will never, EVER, see me recommend that you discount your prices or undercut the competition just to get more students through the door.  That is short term thinking that will sabotage your positioning for long term success.  We want to brand your studio in a way that people instantly associate you with the things you want to be known for… whether that’s exceptional technique or sensational performances or individual nurturing”  

So here’s the big question…


These are some of of the most powerful questions you can ask.  And if I asked these same questions to each studio in your area – you’ll get different answers from each one.

That’s the joy of marketing.  It’s all about highlighting your strengths and expressing them  in a way that connects exactly with what a student is looking for in a studio.

When I’m working with studio’s, we create a BRAND that represents everything that your studio provides.   That showcases your strengths and champions your results.

There is never going to be any less competition.  That’s a fact.  It’s how you present and position your studio in your market that we can control.

It’s the CLARITY with which you communicate what it is that your studio does that will set you apart.

It’s how you go above and beyond to put a sparkle in each students eyes, to make them feel like they’re part of something REMARKABLE.  To let them know that they’re valued and cherished.

It’s how you focus on QUALITY in every area of your studio.  From the teachers, to your marketing materials, to your enrolment procedure to your relationship with each student.

These are the factors that will contribute to your studio’s success.  And they’ve all got NOTHING to do with the studio down the road.

Run your own race.  Stay in your own lane.  Do the best that you can possibly do.  And ALWAYS, ALWAYS think first of how you can give your students experiences that wow and awe them.

Because that is what you’ll become known for.  That is your legacy.

If you’d like to have a 1:1 chat with me on how to build a brand for your studio to communicate what makes your studio unique in your area, send me an email to chantelle @ studioexpansion.com and I’ll happily set some time aside in my diary to help you clarify your message.  So many studio’s struggle with this, so I’d love to help you.

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