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My jaw hit the floor when I read this magazine. I could not believe how all the performing arts studios were playing copycat with their advertising! They all had IDENTICAL headlines!


In this video, you’ll learn the 3 things to do straight away to avoid Competition Copycat.

Have you seen this in your area?  Studios describing their services in the same way?

P.S If your ads are blending into the beige –  get off the copycat bandwagon FAST!   The Student Attraction System will help you create marketing materials that highlight your studio’s unique advantage and articulate why you are the leading choice of studio.  Your studio cannot afford to be beige in its advertising.

Here’s the transcription…

Hi, it’s Chantelle here, the creator of the Student Attraction System, and look! You are not going to believe this, but this is the best example I can give you of what happens when you don’t have clarity in your marketing. So, here I’ve got this month’s Sydney’s Child magazine. It’s a parenting magazine; you’ve probably got one very similar in your area. And at the back, it has a directory of all the performing arts providers and all the classes that are offered. So, I’m just going to read to you the first line, the headlines of a few of these ads. And let’s see if you can work out a bit of a trend, okay?

So, we’ve got fun, friendly and interactive classes. Fun, engaging and educational music classes. Fun-filled drama classes. Fun, educational music and movement classes. Fun music and movement program for children. We’ve got fun progressive pre-school classes. They’re all fun, and exciting and educational; insert your quote here, they’re all the same. Now this is copycat marketing at its worst. And the problem is that when you advertise like this, if you put yourself in the parents’ shoes, there’s no way for them to distinguish which studio is the right fit for their child, because it’s all a blanket of beige; it’s all the same. And the problem is you’re not doing yourself any favor when you’re advertising this way.

Now, if you’re finding yourself in this situation where your marketing is blending into your competition, there are three things you’ve got to do straightaway to fix this. Now, the first thing you need is crystal clear clarity on what it is that you provide and how that’s different from the studio down the road. The second thing you need is you need to paint a really enticing picture of the results that you achieve. And the third one is you need a concrete reason why you are the number one choice of studio in your area.

Now, if you are in this marketing copycat, it’s a vicious cycle, you need to be looking at what they’re doing. So, notice. If all of your competitors are using the same vocabulary, get a new vocabulary. Write different copy, choose a different type of headline, whether it’s a testimonial-based headline or a statistics based headline, anything you can do to get out of the beige, into the bright color. Now, if you are in this boat, the student attraction system will give your marketing the makeover it needs without a moment to lose. It’s going to give you all the clarity of knowing how to describe your studio in a way that stands way apart from the competition and sets you as the leader. It’s available to download immediately from our website, so go check it out.

In the meantime, let me know your thoughts. Have you seen this same trend going on in our market? Have you noticed everyone is playing copycat and describing their studios in the same way? It’s crazy! Let me know your thoughts below, I’d love to see them.

So, until next time, go out there, reach more students, and build that studio of your dreams.

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