Why Feeder Programs are like dessert tasting plates

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Sometimes, I have been known to do a little squeal when I see a desserts tasting plate on the menu.

Nothing better than being able to have a little test taste of all the different desserts without having to commit to one complete dish.

Greedy much?

Absolutely – but that joy elevates my entire experience of the restaurant. I’m a happy happy girl!

And you can bet I’ll remember that chocolate high when I’m thinking about which restaurant to choose next time!

It’s all about creating a great first experience, a test taste that leaves them craving more.

Think about how you can create a ‘desserts tasting plate’ for your studio…

How could you give people the opportunity to try out your studio, before having to make a bigger commitment?

I call them feeder programs.

It might be your holiday camps, or a one day workshop. Perhaps it’s a masterclass or a flashmob.

Whatever it is, the great thing about a Feeder Program is that it allows you to spread a different message into the market rather than just offering them a terms worth of lessons.

Let’s give them a taste to whet their appetite.


So many studio directors tell me that once they get people through the door – they absolutely love the studio, the teachers and the lessons.

It’s just a matter of how to get them over the threshold! All they need is the taste – and then they’re sold!

Feeder programs are also a great way to boost not only the awareness of your lessons – but also boost your cash flow too. Depending on which program you want to fill, you can either run paid or unpaid feeder programs. Sometimes offering a free event can be a great way to open the doors wide and meet your community.

If you could run 5 different feeder programs throughout the year, you’re creating a great opportunity for people to come and sample your offerings and for you to begin building a strong relationship with them.

What type of feeder programs are you currently running? Leave your comments below!

Chantelle xxx

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