Being a Studio Owner can be tough! Oh I remember the days of struggling to stay afloat while keeping parents and students AND teachers happy.

There are the challenges of putting on performances with ZERO budget (don’t laugh: once I actually spray painted garbage bags to make do as costumes as there wasn’t any money to spend on outfits.  *shudders*)

Also, I know all too well the pain of having incredibly talented students who aren’t in a position to pay their fees and desperately wanting to help them, yet being stretched to the brink financially myself.

As a studio director, you make a HUGE impact on the lives of your students, giving them memories they will cherish the rest of their lives.

But sometimes, it’s damn-hard.

I know so many studio directors who scrape by each month, living on passion and the smiles of their students.

I’m passionate about helping you grow your studio, in whatever way I can.  And I believe that improving your studio’s marketing is the fastest way to get you into a better, more comfortable place.

Which is why I’m offering FOUR studio scholarships into the Studio Expansion Program

(But these aren’t ordinary scholarships…)

This is a two-part scholarship that will benefit not only you, but also your students!


You will receive complete access into the Studio Expansion Program and all the bonuses that go along with it.

Over 10 week’s we will work together to create a comprehensive plan to market and grow your studio and you’ll receive all the resources to make it easy.  If your studio feels like it could do with a burst of inspiration and a lot more students, this is the program for you.

This part of the scholarship is worth $1497.


As my gift, I’m going to be giving each of the four scholarship winners a $500 Cash Bonus to be used as a Student Scholarship.  

This money is for you to use as a Scholarship for one of YOUR students.  

It’s to be used to pay for extra lessons, or competition fees, or costumes for one of your deserving students.

I’d like you to note that this isn’t necessarily for your most talented student, but for a student who needs the joy and fulfillment your classes bring.

It’s for the child who sees your studio as a home, when home doesn’t feel like home.  

For the student who you know is doing it tough and for the student who you couldn’t bear to see them not continue their lessons.

You’re probably used to dipping into your own pocket to help out students who have fallen on hard times.

I’d like to take that pressure off you and give you and your students a helping hand.  

My decision to do this twofold.

Firstly, it’s because my driving passion is to engage more students in the performing arts.  I believe wholeheartedly in the life enriching benefits of the arts and have seen how it can change lives, my own included.  This is the larger purpose behind Studio Expansion and my way of paying it forward.

Secondly, I know how many studio owners are doing it tough.  You are magnificent teachers, but would love some studio specific education on how to grow your studio and attract and retain more students.  This course will give you the resources, advice and momentum to take your studio to the next level.

Here’s how to apply for a Studio Expansion Scholarship:

Step 1:  Film a short video LESS than 90 seconds in length.

In the video, share your vision for your studio – what you are passionate about creating for your students and your community and why you feel the Studio Expansion Program could help you make that happen.

(video quality is not important – it’s your message that matters)

Step 2:  Upload the video to YouTube with the title:  #studioexpansionscholarship

When you are uploading the video, use the following hashtag as the title:  #studioexpansionscholarship

Ensure that the video is not password protected and is available to be viewed.

Step 3:  Fill in the form below with your information and the link to your video.  

Applications Close Friday 29 January at 11:59pm Eastern time USA.  

The winners will be announced on Monday 1 February!

Get those videos in and if you’d like more information on the Studio Expansion Program, please click here.

Chantelle x


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